I am disinclined to write statements: words are no help to me when I try to speak about my work.
My aim is to reach an unbalanced equilibrium in order to intensify an instinctual approach with occasional pictorial incidents, and to avoid pre-calculated proportions. The process therefore conspires to create visual complexity and uncertainty with a very slow process of layering and then masking. Eventually, some new marks will reveal further variations of the whole narrative.
The artistics beauty of the Renaissance and the Tuscan landscape which had surrounded me whilst living in Florence, have deeply influenxed my palette. But the 50s' and 50s' abstract and conceptual art imagery have had the most aesthetic impact on my personal choice of representation.
Without the cues of figuration, I like to have a discipline which provides a point where I can begin and explore the infinite varieties that can grow out of self-imposed limitations.
Thanks to the artistic generosity of architect Giovanni Michelucci and artist Alberto Magnelli, I have managed to absorb their lessons and evolve my visual vocabulary and my desire to condense experience into paint.
Since 1995, my paintings have been sold to private and public collections all over the world; I wish I had travelled that much.
Here's a brief, selected list of the exhibitions and commissions that have been, for a variety of reasons, particularly meaningful for me:

2022 Mall Galleries group show
2018 Environment Trust exhibition, Twickenham
2018 Burgh House, Hampstead
2017 Environment Trust exhibition, Richmond (group show including Richard Long and Ian Hislop)
2003 to 2018 "Secret", Royal College of Art, London
2015 to 2018 Art for Youth, Mall Galleries, London
2011 to 2014 Art for Youth, Royal College of Art, London
2011 Fazenda UK, London
2009 APW Gallery, NYC
2007 Centro de Cultura de Sao Lourenco, Portugal
2005 Geffreye Museum, London
2005 Sefton Open, Southport
2000 to 2010 Mall Galleries, London
2005 to 2009 Open studio, NYC
1999 to 2003 Collyer-Bristow Gallery, London
2002 Elliotbraun, Florence, Italy
1997 Kenneth Moore Theatre, Ilford
2004 Book cover photo for "The Origin of Loneliness" by John Martin
2003 CD cover for "Cutting Bridges" by Giacomo Castellano
2001 Special feature in Inspiration Magazine
2000 Glaxo booklet "Epilepsy Mine"
2000 CD cover for "Noise Theoria"
1998 Epping Forest District Museum, permanent collection
1997 ETC Venues Ltd, London

And finally, I would like to add that occassionally I am willing to consider private commissions, but please bear in mind that they are totally dependent on my mood.
Cinzia Castellano, sometime after January 2018